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Best Smart TV for 2022-The Ultimate Viewing Experience

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So, you’ve spent the last couple of months, probably contemplating buying a new smart TV. You have the finance to buy a new flat screen, but you don’t know what brand to choose.

You also don’t know which TV would give you the best picture and overall quality.

Since TVs are often expensive, most people tend to stick with what brand they used in the past, or which one a family member recommended. But everyone’s tastes and wants are different, which is why we have created this blog post.

As a matter of fact, we tried really hard to find people who can guide us through their most recent purchase journey.

Therefore, we wanted to find out how they chose their new TV, what key features they looked for in a TV, and why a certain model was better than another model from the same company or not. You’ll, however, be able to see our findings below.

Best Smart TV Buying Guides

The features you should consider which will be discussed below are;

  1. Size
  2. Resolution
  3. Display Technology
  4. HDR Formats
  5. Connectivity Technology
  6. Smart Features
  7. Refresh Rates


First, you should consider the size. The bigger, the better. Smart TVs come in different sizes ranging from 32’’ – 85’’. Therefore, you may choose to buy a size depending on the area of your living room. However, you should know that the bigger the screen, the more viewing experience.


Next on the list is resolution. Over the years, resolution has been a major component of improvements in TVs. We have gone from HD to 4K (UHD) and today 8K resolution TVs are available. Resolution is a measure of the number of pixels (dots) that make up the picture on your TV. The more dots, the higher the resolution and the higher the overall picture quality.

It used to be HD (High Definition) which has a resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels. With the coming of bigger-sized TVs, HD resolution is now outdated. Above HD is the Full HD with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. After Full HD we have 4K (UHD) with a resolution of 3840 * 2160 pixels. While 4K is the standard now, TVs with 8K resolution (7680 * 4320 pixels) are also currently being produced by brands such as Sony, Samsung, and LG. 8K resolution is a super high resolution. In terms of the pixel, it is 4 X better than 4K resolution and 16 X better than Full HD resolution.

Display Technology – OLED, QLED, LED LCD

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display uses an organic compound that emits light when electricity passes through it. OLEDs have better contrast ratios over QLEDs but QLED screens are not prone to burn-in, are larger, and last longer.

QLED (Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode) are nano-sized semiconductor crystals that are embedded in the LCD display. QLED has very good picture quality and can get far brighter than OLED. No matter how brightly lit your room is, with QLED TV, you don’t need to worry about onscreen reflection.

LED LCD (Light-Emitting Diode, Liquid Crystal Display) is an LCD that uses a backlight o produce image with LED instead of cold-cathode fluorescent.

However, a lot of debate going on over which display type is the best for TVs. Well, it boils down to your budget and preferences.

HDR Formats

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is basically a technology that serves to improve the contrast ratio and color accuracy of your TV’s content.

There are several HDR. The most common is HDR10. This is used most frequently and easily available because it’s open source. Available also is the upgraded HDR10+ which is better than HDR10. There is also Dolby Vision Format HDR. This comes with Dolby Atmos or Dolby Digital Sound System. TVs that come with both are marketed as Dolby Cinema. Dolby has also upgraded to Dolby Vision IQ HDR.

Connectivity Technology

Smart TVs come with several connectivity channels such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI. With Wi-Fi, you can connect your TV to the internet and also download several Apps. This opens up opportunities to several entertainment options from video streaming on Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. With USB and HDMI, you can connect your game consoles, cable boxes, and other media devices.

Smart Features

Wouldn’t you feel excited to have smart features such as voice controls (Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa)? With these voice recognition tools, you can switch channels and search for programs. Smart TVs are usually compatible with other connected smart devices in the home like smart lights, smart doorbells, smart locks, and other sensors. So this could be a great deal if you own or intend to own a smart home. Right on the comfort of your couch with your voice, you can control several smart devices around your home.

Refresh Rate

Finally, you look at the refresh rate. Refresh rate measures the number of frames a TV can display per second, measured in Hertz. So a TV with a 60Hz refresh rate displays 60 images per second. If the refresh rate is too low, you will experience motion blur. Smart TVs have either 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rates. However, with OLED or QLED you will hardly notice motion blur.

Best TV Comparison Table

TCL 50S435 – 50” LED 4K TV
  • Roku TV- Smart Platform with thousands of streaming channels.
  • 4K UHD
  • Dolby Audio
  • 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2
  • Easy voice control works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google
INSIGNIA 70DF710NA21 – 70” LED 4K TV
  • Fire TV UI which gives access to thousands of channels
  • 4K UHD
  • Voice remote with Alexa
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • HDR10 and DTS Studio Sound
SONY X80J – 65” LED 4K TV
  • Google TV
  • HDR & Dolby Vision
  • Apple Airplay to easily stream content from your Apple device
  • Google Assistant
VIZIO V705-J – 70” LED 4K TV
  • 4K UHD
  • HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HLG
  • Voice Control with Alexa
  • 3 HDMI 2.1 with eARC
  • Fire TV
  • 4K UHD
  • 4 HDMI
  • Alexa integration with voice remote
  • Dolby Vision HDR & HDR10
  • 4K QLED
  • Quantum HDR
  • 4K Quantum processor
  • Built-in voice assistants
  • Access your favorite apps from your TV
HISENSE 55A6G – 50” 4K TV
  • 4K UHD
  • Android TV
  • Dolby Vision HDR & HDR10
  • 4 HDMI
  • Google Assistant
LG 55NANO75UPA – 55” 4K TV
  • Runs on webOS
  • LGThinQ AI with the magic remote
  • Active HDR & Filmmaker mode
  • Built-in access to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV
  • Google Assistant and Alexa built-in
  • 4K OLED
  • Dolby Cinema
  • Refresh Rate 120Hz
  • Works with multiple Voice Assistants
TCL 65R635 – 65” 4K TV
  • 4K QLED
  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • Roku Smart TV
  • Easy Voice Control with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google


TCL 50S435

TCL 4-SERIES TV delivers stunning Ultra HD which is four times the resolution of Full HD for enhanced clarity and detail. This is combined with HDR technology that delivers bright and accurate colors for a lifelike viewing experience. With Dolby digital plus you enjoy full, rich sound that creates an immersive, cinematic audio surround sound experience.

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Affordable It lacks a local dimming feature
Easy to set up It has a narrow viewing angle.
Roku TV It doesn’t support Bluetooth


Insignia 4K UHD Smart TV is an entry-level TV and delivers high picture quality, an exceptional TV experience that gets smarter by the day, and gives you access to the numerous movies and TV shows you love. The voice Remote with Alexa allows you to do pretty everything with your voice from easily launching apps, searching for titles, playing music, switching inputs, control your smart home devices.

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It has a high native contrast ratio It has bad color accuracy.
Fire TV
Very affordable for the size


With the SONY X80J, you get to enjoy entertainment on a 4K TV that’s designed to give you a unique cinematic feel at home. Dolby Vision™ breathes life into pictures while Dolby Atmos™ fills your home with an immersive sound. The TRILUMINOS PRO™ and 4K HDR Processor X1™ guarantee colors are brought to life. With your voice, you get to choose what you watch.

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It has a wide color gamut for HDR content It has no local dimming.
It has a fast response time. It has a low contrast ratio
Easy setup


Vizio Smart TV offers you awesome entertainment. With the clarity of 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision HDR, and HDR10+, you get to see so much more in every scene.

It also offers easy and instant access to all your favorite apps, movies, and shows with a new voice-controlled remote.

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It has a high contrast ratio It’s not good for HDR content
It handles reflection well


Toshiba’s C350 entertains you while enjoying theater-quality pictures. The 4K UHD resolution breathes life to images, showing the finest of details. Dolby Vision™ HDR and HDR10 combine for the ultimate viewing experience. DTS® Virtual:X ™ technology effectively delivers multi-channel virtual surround sound, virtual height, as well as bass and dialog enhancement.

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It’s user-friendly for iOS users. There are no buttons on the TV. If you misplace your remote or it gets worse, you can’t operate your TV.
It has good viewing angles. It has no local dimming.


Samsung Q60A Series TVThe QN65Q60AAFXZA 65 inch smart TV 4K model measures 11.1 x 57.1 x 34.3 inches. With the power of Quantum Dot Technology in this Samsung smart TV, it ushers you into a world of colors. You’ll be able to enjoy a billion shades of color with 100% Color Volume on its quantum dot display, along with an expanded range of brilliant colors and contrast from Quantum HDR. And, you can see sharp details delivered by the warm and cool Dual LED backlights that adjust in real-time.

Your Smart TV Powered by Tizen gives you access to your favorite apps and streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Google TV. It also connects to your smart home. And you can control them with the Samsung Smart TV remote, or even your voice.

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Sleek and slim design It has narrow viewing angles
Enjoy the best of color
Multiple smart voice assistants


The A6G series comes in 75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, and 43” screens. You will enjoy the 4K UHD picture quality within the comfort of your home. With Android TV, you can discover over 700,000 movies and shows in one place. Use Google Assistant to control your TV with your voice. You can easily use the Chromecast built-in™ to cast your photos, videos, and music from devices to your TV. Add to that Dolby Vision HDR and Auto Low Latency Game Mode. This is a TV you would love to own.

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It has good viewing angles. No local dimming
Control your TV with help from Google without needing your remote


Enjoy movies and sports with the LG NanoCell. LG NanoCell TV utilizes nanoparticles, LG’s own distinctive Nanotechnology, to filter and refine color, removing impurities from RGB wavelengths. This means that only pure, accurate colors will be displayed on the screen. The result is a more vibrant, more realistic picture that will bring your content to life.

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Stunning picture quality even when viewed from all angles It has no local dimming feature
Great selection of streaming app
Voice controls using LGThinQ


The award-winning LG OLED is in a class of its own. In terms of picture quality, OLED beats LED hands down. That’s because OLED has millions of self-lit pixels capable of producing perfect black and accurate color. The result is an extraordinary viewing experience. LG OLED TV can be said to be a well-crafted work of art, a big-screen cinema, a portal to the world of games, and a front-row seat to the biggest sporting events. It’s everything you ever wish your TV to be.

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It has VRR support Risk of permanent burn-in
It has wide viewing angles It has no local dimming
Sleek design

TCL 65R635 TV

TCL 5-Series QLED TV offers high picture quality and endless entertainment for a super home theater experience. QLED and the HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision combine to give super colors, brightness, and contrast. The 5-Series models’ AiPQ Engine uses machine-learning algorithms to optimize contrast, clarity, and color for an unrivaled 4K HDR experience.

Roku OS provides access to your Blu-ray player, cable box, game consoles, and other devices without flipping through inputs and complicated menus.

Easy Voice Control lets you control your entertainment using just your voice. The super-simple remote which has about half the number of buttons on a traditional TV remote puts you in charge of your favorite entertainment.

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It has a local dimming feature Narrow viewing angles
Easy to use remote


These TVs are sure to give you the ultimate viewing experience that you crave. This list is however not finite. The products were carefully selected after several research and surveys.

So having read to this point, it is our belief that these reviews would guide you to make that choice and make a purchase after carefully reading through the features, pros, and cons and checking out the prices.

Happy shopping.