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Vizio V705J 70” Smart TV Review

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The Vizio V705J TV is an okay entry-level TV. Vizio released this model in 2021 but it is labeled as a 2022 model. Its competitors are the Hisense U6G, Amazon Fire TV 4-series, LG UP 7000.

It has both the IR and Bluetooth remote. The remote is medium-sized. The remote lacks a Numpad. It has voice control. The Vizio’s remote has a button for ‘free TV’ service. The content is free to watch.  This model does not have HBO Max. You can install the HBO app on your mobile device and cast that to the TV using either Apple Airplay or Chromecast. Its Smart Cast System is easy to use. 

Its Native Refresh Rate is 60 Hz. It has no HDMI  2.1 port.  It has USB Drive Playback and USB Drive HDR playback.

There are no ads. It has a V-Gaming engine. It has a voice remote with Bluetooth. It supports a number of audio and video files.


  • HDMI: 3
  • VA panel
  • Ethernet port: 1
  • HDR 10
  • HDR 10 +
  • Dolby vision
  • HLG
  • USB:1
  • Wi-Fi
  • Voice assistant (Vizio Voice)
  • Wall Mountable
  • Smart OS: Smart Cast
  • Thickness: 6.2cm (2.43”)


VIZIO V705-J TVDesign

The Vizio V705J TV has a flat-screen with a semi-gloss finish. It is not curved. It is made entirely of plastic. It has thick bezels and V-shaped feet. You can place a soundbar in front of the TV because the nature of its feet provides extra room for this. There is no provision for cable management. There is some flex at the back. There are three buttons on the back right side to change the volume, inputs, and power the TV on or off. It also has Audio Out, Audio Out Optical, and AV ports.


The picture quality of the Vizio V705J TV is fairly average. It displays deep blacks. Its real scene peak brightness is 219 cd/square meter. Its SDR brightness is disappointing. It, however, doesn’t vary between contents. Its real scene highlight is 218 cd/square meter. HDR brightness is poor. It cannot display an 8k signal. There are no signs of temporary image retention after displaying a high-contrast static image.


The Vizio V705J TV has a decent frequency response. It has a well-balanced sound profile which makes it suitable for listening to dialogue. It, however, doesn’t produce much bass.


The Vizio V705J TV lacks the Variable Refresh Rate with AMD  FreeSync. The HDR brightness in game mode is exactly the same as outside this.


For SDR content

  • Picture Mode: Calibrated Dark
  • Contrast: 50
  • Color: 50
  • Tint: 0
  • Sharpness: 20
  • Color Temperature: Warm


  • Picture Mode: Calibrated Dark
  • Other settings: Default

If you find the SDR content too dim, you can make it brighter by setting:

  • Picture Mode: Calibrated Dark
  • Gamma: 1.8
  • Color Temperature: Standard
  • Local Contrast: High
  • Backlight Control: On
  • Black detail: High
The Good The Bad
  • This TV has excellent features for a low price.
  • It has lots of picture adjustments.
  • It comes with a high native contrast ratio.
  • It can handle reflection very well.
  • It is okay for sports viewing.
  • Its gray uniformity is satisfactory.
  • It has fantastic black  uniformity
  • It has excellent gradient handling
  • It has a decent response time.
  • It has no permanent burn-in risk.
  • It has HDR on Netflix.
  • It has HDR on YouTube.
  • It has an average performance.
  • The TV wobbles a bit.
  • It has a visible motion smear.
  • It experiences trouble upscaling 400 and 120P contents.
  • The HDR doesn’t look much better than SDR.
  • It has worse built-in streaming than Roku.
  • It lacks a local dimming feature.
  • It has narrow viewing angles which makes the image look washed out when you are moving away from the center
  • It cannot fight glare in well-lit rooms.
  • You cannot download extra apps on the Smart Cast system, unlike some other operating systems.
  • It is not good for HDR content.
  • It can’t display a wide color gamut. The color volume is disappointing.
  • It does not flicker-free.



The Vizio V705J TV is generally okay. It’s best for watching movies in the dark due to its high native contrast ratio with great black uniformity. It doesn’t have a local dimming nature. It has narrow viewing angles, so it’s not good for wide viewing arrangements. It’s not great for HDR content as it doesn’t get bright and can’t display a wide color gamut.

It is a gaming TV but it does not have some of the tools necessary for PS5 or Xbox Series X owners. This makes it a compromise purchase for avid gamers.

This TV has both Chromecast and AirPlay. It is not common to have both on a TV. The TV generally does a decent job with HDR or Dolby Vision content when you compare its price to others. If you are on a strict budget, get it. It is among the best cheap on the market but it is not as good as the similarly priced LG UN6950 which has a higher peak brightness.