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TCL 65R635 65” Smart TV Review

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The TCL 65R635 TV is user-friendly. It has a lot of apps available to download. It is a high-end TV with many advanced features. It uses the mini lead technology. This model has the Roku TV as its built-in smart interface. It has easy voice control. It works with Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to help you with various tasks. The TV has ARC support. Its main competitor is the Hisense H9G.

There are large ads and you can not opt-out from the ads and even suggested content. It supports 4K games from the Xbox Series X and PS5. You can stream sports, movies, live news, and more. You can share videos, photos, and music from your Apple device using Airplay. It has a simple personalized screen.

The TV control is a single button located on the right backside of the TV. The TV comes with a user guide, remote control with two AAA batteries, and a power cord. The remote control is small and had the CEC Menu Control. Its resolution is 3830 by 2160. It has no AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync. This TV uses Quantum Dot Technology. It has the AiPQ Engine with Smart HDR.


  • QLED
  • HDMI: 4
  • USB: 2
  • Ethernet port
  • Headphone Jack
  • VA panel
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Analog (Composite) Video Input:1
  • Optical Digital Audio Output
  • Antenna Input
  • HDR 10
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Dolby Vision
  • Wall mountable
  • Roku Smart TV interface
  • Thickness: 9.3cm (3.66”)
  • Weight: 29.354kg


TCL 65R635 TVDesign

The TCL 65R635 TV is not curved. It has a full view edge-to-edge design. It is available in black. The mainframe supporting the panel is made out of metal and plastic but it looks like glass. The stand needs to be placed on a side table because it is also quite wide. The feet/stand are adjustable. This adds more flexibility. The back is sectioned into two. The top half is made from glossy plastic. The bottom half is made from matte plastic. The inputs are at the bottom half of the back. So when you want to wall mount it, take note of this. The screen has a semi-gloss finish.


The native contrast ratio of the TCL 65R635 TV is 5560:1. This model produces deep blacks. Real Scene Peak Brightness is 679 cd/square meter. This is an excellent SDR brightness. It is very bright that it can overcome glare. It has a full array of backlights. There is visible blooming around bright objects. The Real Scene Highlight is 885cd/square meter. So, it can be said that the TV has a fantastic peak brightness in HDR. It performs fairly well in moderately-lit rooms.


The built-in speakers of the TCL 65R635 TV have a good frequency response. The bass is fairly low. The sound profile is well-balanced overall.


The TCL 65R635 TV is quite good for avid gamers. It has a 120Hz refresh rate with VRR support. It has a low input lag and a quick response time. It, however, lacks HDMI 2.1 input. HDR contents look great on it. It measures 863cd/square meter. It is not future proof for consoles. There is no local dimming in gaming.


For SDR contents:

  • Picture Mode: Movie

From the advanced picture settings menu:

  • Contrast: 90
  • Brightness: 50
  • Sharpness:20
  • Color: 45
  • Tint (G/R): 0
  • Color Temperature: Warm

To make the image brighter in SDR, you should first select the TV Brightness range in the TV picture settings menu to one of the five pre-set options and then adjust the backlight on the advanced picture settings.

HDR settings are automatically enabled for the native apps. Once you start playing HDR content, some of the settings change automatically, including the backlight. It is recommended that you leave these settings to their default settings.

The Good The Bad
  • It has VRR supports.
  • It displays a wide color gamut for HDR content.
  • It has an impressive contrast ratio.
  • It gets bright enough to make highlights pop in HDR.
  • It doesn’t wobble much.
  • It can overcome glare.
  • It has a local dimming feature.
  • It has a decent grey uniformity.
  • This model is quite affordable.
  • It has a decent reflection handling ability.
  • It has HDR on Netflix.
  • It has HDR on YouTube also.
  • Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles. So it is going to be very challenging for a wide seating arrangement.
  • It has uniformity issues when compared to other models.
  • It has poor out-of-the-box color accuracy.



The TCL 65R635 TV performs better than you would expect for the price. If you are looking for an easy-to-use TV with a decent picture, it’s a fantastic choice. It is great for watching movies in darkrooms and this is because of its wonderful contrast ratio. It is also good for watching sports. It has fantastic gaming features like VRR supports and a quick response time. This makes it good for gaming.