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Sony X80J 65” Smart TV Review

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The SONY X80J TV is an adequate entry-level 4k TV. There is an absence of many features, you’d find on a higher-end TV but performs optimally for its level. Due to its low contrast ratio, its ADS panel can’t produce deep blacks. It also doesn’t have a local dimming feature for the improvement of black levels. 

The screen brightness is fairly decent, and it has good viewing angles.  It doesn’t support an 8k signal. It should not be placed opposite a bright source of light (e.g. a lamp or window) because it struggles with direct light. The Google TV gives you access to apps through the Google play store. You cannot disable ads entirely but you can reduce targeted ads. The Google Assistant works very well in searching for your viewing preferences, be it action, romance, or adventure. It has basic gaming features.

You have access to 700,000 plus movies and TV episodes. Its main competitors are the Samsung AU 8000 and the LG UP80.


  • 4k Ultra HD Resolution
  • Ethernet port
  • IPS panel
  • Flat design
  • USB: 2
  • HDMI: 4
  • DTS digital surround sound
  • Dolby Vision Support
  • HDR 10
  • Bluetooth
  • Google TV: It has YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wall mountable
  • Thickness: 7.3cm (2.88”)
  • Year: 2021


SONY KD65X80J TVDesign

The Sony X80J TV is not as sleek-looking as higher models. It has a simple design with thick bezels.  The stand carries the TV well, but it still wobbles a bit. The footprint of the stand is 38.74″ x 13.34″. The maximum thickness is 2.88″. It seems decently built. The casing is made entirely of plastic. It is lightweight and doesn’t feel as stocky as TVs with more premium materials. There is a bit of flex around the borders and the backside.


The contrast ratio of the SONY X80J TV is average. Blacks appear like grays in a dark room, coupled with a lack of local dimming to improve black levels.

Its SDR brightness is decent. It is okay for moderate lighting conditions. Though, it might struggle to overcome glare in very bright rooms. This TV makes use of direct LED backlighting against edge-lit. HDR brightness is mediocre but it’s slightly brighter than SDR. The Tv has good gray uniformity and a disappointing black uniformity.

It has good viewing angles making it a great choice for a wide seating arrangement. It has decent reflection handling. It does well in diffusing ambient light, though it is not advisable to place it opposite a window or bright light.

The panels can actually produce very good colors. The color volume is fantastic. Peak brightness is 335cd/square meter. 


The audio output of the SONY X80J TV is good. It has a decent frequency response, though the bass is bad. Distortion performance is just okay. It’s only noticeable near-maximum volumes. Generally, it has a balanced sound profile. The TV could get loud, but there is compression at higher volumes. The powerful 4K HDR processor XI decreases digital noise.


The SONY X80J TV has HDMI 2.0 ports. You would not have a high HDR experience too. However, it has a quick gaming response time and low input lag. The gaming experience is just okay, as it doesn’t have advanced gaming features.


For SDR content

If you prefer brightness to picture quality, set:

  • Picture Mode: Vivid
  • Contrast Enhancer: Off
  • Colour Temperature: Neutral
  • Brightness: Max.
  • Contrast: Max.

For HDR content

If it is too dim, set:

  • Brightness: Max.
  • Contrast: Max.
  • Advanced Contrast Enhancer should be disabled
  • Black Level: High
  • Gamma: Max
  • Color Temperature: Neutral
The Good The Bad
  • The menu is easy to navigate.
  • Integrating with Google Home is not difficult.
  • Relatively easy to set up.
  • It has a decent SDR brightness.
  • The HDR brightness in ‘game’ mode doesn’t change.
  • It has good gray uniformity. The corners of the screen are darker.
  • It has a good viewing angle which is good for a wide seating arrangement.
  • It may struggle to overcome glare but its level of reflection handling is decent.
  • It has a wide color gamut for HDR content.
  • If you are sensitive to flicker, it is a good TV model for you. The backlight is flicker-free.
  • It has a fast response time.
  • It has a low input lag for ‘game’ mode.
  • It can be used as a PC monitor.
  • No risk of permanent burn-in.
  • It has a low contrast ratio. This may make playing games or watching movies in the dark quite challenging.
  • You may constantly need to adjust its brightness.
  • It doesn’t have a good color volume range.
  • The TV stand wobbles a bit.
  • It has no local dimming to improve the black levels.
  • It struggles to overcome glare.
  • The HDR brightness is just okay.
  • Black uniformity is not so good.
  • It does not support an 8k input.
  • It has no VRR.



The Sony X80J TV is quite good for mixed usage. It performs okay in a brightly lit room. Its wide viewing angles are superb for wide sitting arrangements. Though, its low contrast ratio makes watching movies or playing games in the dark quite challenging. Its low input lag and fast response time should be okay for casual gamers. However, it lacks advanced gaming features. Regrettably, it can’t achieve enough brightness to deliver a great HDR experience.