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Hisense 55A6G 50” Smart TV Review

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The Hisense 55A6G is an entry-level TV. It is very good to watch during the day. It has a huge selection of streaming apps. Its main competitors are TCL 4 series 2020, Sony X80J. It’s budget-friendly and a good choice for the bedroom or office. The center of the screen is brighter than the four corners of the screen. It is best suited for a room with low levels of lighting. There is no local dimming.

It has a very low input lag, for gaming, but the slow response time makes it an average TV for gaming. 

The TV runs on an Android TV interface just like the higher-end  Hisense models. It’s easy to use and has a large selection of apps. It doesn’t allow Xfinity streaming and there are no physical buttons on the TV. You would have to use the remote for everything.



  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • LED
  • Thickness: 7.2cm (2.83”)
  • Ethernet port:1
  • VA panels
  • Bluetooth
  • HDR 10
  • Dolby vision
  • Composite adapter
  • VIDAA U5 Smart TV interface
  • Bezel-less design
  • DTS studio sound
  • Antenna + DTV input
  • Smart OS: Android TV (Version:9)
  • Built-in Google Play store
  • Wall mountable
  • Voice control: Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Wi-Fi
  • HDMI: 4
  • USB: 2



The Hisense A6 series has a similar design to Hisense U8G and U6G. It has slim bezels and a sleek design. It is quite easy to set up.

The stand is similar to the Hisenses H6570G and regrettably, it wobbles a bit. The maximum thickness is 2.83”. The feet can be installed in two configurations 50.3” x 11.7” and 25.2” x 11.7”. Whichever configuration you choose, the TV will sit 3.1” above the table, invariably most soundbars would fit in perfectly without obstructing the TV view.

At the back, the top is metallic while the bottom is plastic. The inputs face to the side are easy to access after mounting the TV. Generally, the Hisense A6G has a satisfactory build quality. The materials especially the metal portion feel decent.


The Hisense 55A6G TV has a low contrast ratio, which results in blacks looking like gray in a dark room. It’s however, not noticeable in a bright room. This TV has below-par peak brightness in SDR and HDR and it’s ideal for a room with low levels of indirect lighting.  It lacks a local dimming feature.

The TV has good gray uniformity. The four corners of the screen are darker than the center, which can be unsettling when watching sports. It has a below-par black uniformity. Noticeable in a few spots are patches of backlight bleed. It has very good viewing angles, which makes for great viewing for a wide seating arrangement.

Peak brightness is 195 cd/ square meter. It has fair accuracy and decent reflection handling. The color temperature is cool. The native 4K content is displayed very well. The backlight is not flicker-free. It has ads throughout the home page and you cannot opt-out.


The Hisense 55A6G has a stereo sound. The audio system can be described as ‘lacking’. The TV demands the use of a soundbar. It has a disappointing frequency response and a good distortion performance. The low-frequency extension (LFE) is very high causing almost no bass response.


The gaming experience is just okay due to its low input lag. However, it doesn’t support advanced gaming features.


The recommended settings are:

  • Picture mode: HDR standard
  • Active Contrast: High
  • Picture mode (SDR content): Theatre night
  • Contrast (SDR): 46
  • Brightness(SDR): Default
  • Colour (SDR): Default
  • Tint (SDR): Default
  • Sharpness (SDR): Default
  • Backlight level: Your choice

In the advanced settings tab

Colour temperature: Low

Picture mode: HDR Theatre

For gaming

Picture mode: Game

Generally, keep the TV a bit dimmer when watching in a dark room and a bit brighter when watching in a bright room.

The Good The Bad
  • The resolution for low-resolution content can be increased.
  • The TV’s peak brightness in and out of ‘game’ mode is the same.
  • It has a huge selection of streaming apps.
  • It has good viewing angles. This is very necessary when there is a wide sitting arrangement. The images will still look accurate from the angles.
  • It has decent reflection handling.
  • It has a fair color gamut.
  • Fair grey uniformity.
  • It has a low input lag even outside ‘game’ mode.
  • No risk of permanent burn-in.
  • It has a low contrast ratio. Blacks look like greys.
  • The stand wobbles a bit.
  • Its HDR’s peak brightness is poor.
  • It cannot overcome glare. It cannot be recommended for well-lit rooms because the direct reflection of light is very visible and this hampers the viewing experience to a considerable level.
  • No local dimming.
  • Impoverished sound.
  • Cloudy screen.
  • Slow response time for gaming




Generally, the Hisense A6G TV is a good TV. The wide viewing angles and good enough reflection handling makes it a fair choice for watching TV shows during the day, but it might not have the necessary brightness to overcome glare in a brightly lit room. Though it has low input lag, it’s poor for gaming due to its slow response time and lack of advanced gaming features. Due to its low contrast ratio, poor black uniformity, and lack of dimming features, it may not be ideal for watching movies in the dark.